We’ve ALL seen her.

Okay, we’ve all seen her. That woman in the store wearing yoga pants, no make-up and has her hair pulled back in a sloppy bun. We can’t help but think to ourselves “how lazy”, “has she looked in the mirror” or “gesh rough day?” It’s the middle of the afternoon and she isn’t fooling anyone into thinking she heading to or from the gym. Well, I have officially become that woman. Two kids later and four years into a relationship I’ve come to an astonishing revelation… I simply don’t care to jump out of the shower put on a layer of make-up and a cute top to run to the store for one can of formula and the bag of carrots that i forgot to pick up for dinner. Nope, it’s my day off and i will spend the hours folding laundry, loading the dish washer and scrubbing counter tops happily and in comfort. Laugh, you’ll be here soon enough. As a young woman i pride myself in trying to always look presentable, Especially as a mother of a toddler and an infant. You never know who will stop by or where you may head off to at a moments notice. (For me it’s usually an afternoon car ride to lull my sweet but cranky two year old off at nap time) Yoga pants and all I will remain



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